Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
About Neon Beer Signs And The New Network

1. How long has New Marketing Technologies, Inc. (NMT) been offering neon beer signs on the Internet?
NMT has been offering neon signs through the Internet since the end of 1995 until the beginning of 2004 at a different web address. The restart of our Neon Beer Sign Network (occurring in late 2008) is at 'BeerSigns.Net'.

2. What is the NMT Neon Beer Sign Network at 'BeerSign.Net'?
The new, beer sign network consists of NMT selected, independent, neon beer sign dealers located across the USA. All have a enthusiasm for neon. The purpose is to satisfy the varied demand for specific brands and models of neon beer signs that people want to use for decorations in their homes. We recognized that because there are so many different brands and models of neon beer signs, no one dealer can possibly have them all. This is especially true for vintage neon beer signs. Some dealers are full time breweriania businesses while others are part-time. Along with a bigger selection, the network is capable of offering inquirers better beer sign values and beer sign prices that no single dealer could offer. NMT is always looking for new dealers who are looking for new customers. To become a dealer you must have your own sources for the signs. E-mail NMT directly at Info@BeerSigns.Net if you are interested.

3. Are these signs the real neon signs that I see in the stores advertising beer?
Yes, the signs offered by the dealer network are the same real neon types seen in the stores.

4. How many signs are in stock?
NMT's Beer Sign Network dealers at 'BeerSigns.Net' at any one time have hundreds (if not thousands!) of signs in stock. However, not all of the brands and models of signs are available at the same time.

5. Does NMT have a showroom where I can view these signs?
No. NMT does not have a showroom.

6. Do you have more signs than are pictured at the web site?
Yes. There are many more signs available and in existence than shown at the web site. Breweries come out with new models regularly and older models may still be available. Also, there are neon beer signs from smaller breweries available. We add pictures regularly to keep up.

7. Are the signs new or used?
A sign may be either new or used. A dealer will specify upon an inquiry.

8. What determines neon sign values?
Neon beer sign values vary in different parts of the country. Generally, a neon sign's estimated value is determined by the cost to produce it and the availability. The more neon a sign has, the costlier to manufacture. Some signs are made in very small production runs which makes them rarer. Other neon signs are regional (such as specific sports teams) and were originally available only in selected, local areas. Certain signs catch the imagination of neon enthusiasts and are very much in demand such as some vintage neon beer signs. In reality, an 'artistic', neon sign with multiple neon colors is worth more than a single color 'word' sign without art. If a sign is more expensive than other, similar signs with the same amount of neon, then chances are that particular sign is simply more popular, or in shorter supply. When the sign, packing, shipping and sales costs are added together, the total amount is the beer sign price.

9. Why do you NOT show prices on the sign list page?
The static prices usually shown either represent a sign's actual selling price previously, OR a price estimation based on NMT's criteria. Prices from beer sign dealers in responses to inquiries will inevitably vary from the static prices shown at the web site. This reason is why we are stopping posting reference prices. For availability checks to find better beer sign values and FREE current price quotes from our Beer Sign Network, please utilize our Neon Beer Sign Prices Inquiry Form.

10. Do you have a printed price list of all of the beer signs you can send me?
No. Any printed price list would be out of date the next day because of sign turnover, availability and amount of models of beer signs. The inventory changes constantly for the NMT Beer Sign Network at 'BeerSign.Net'.

11. What forms of payment do dealers accept?
Personal checks and company checks (U.S. bank), money orders, credit cards (most dealers), and wire transfers for international orders. Payments are made directly to the dealers. Please see our Inquiry And Ordering Information.
12. What happens if the sign is broken in shipment to me?
Dealers have to pack to UPS specifications for insurance coverage on the signs, or have to meet other standards depending on the method of shipping. Neon sign dealers continually try to develop the 'ultimate' packing method, but double boxing (or equivalent), or special care, is always required. Even so, sometimes a sign is broken in transit. A dealer should cheerfully refund any customer's money on a sign that does not arrive in working condition.

13. Do dealers ever ship signs outside of the USA?
Yes, one sign at a time (dealer discretion) can be costly because of the added shipping costs. Even so, the NMT dealer delivered price is often less than the same imported, U.S. beer sign available there locally. Multiple signs per order and shipping air-freight to the nearest international airport available to the customer will reduce shipping costs. It is easier on the signs, too.

14. Is it all right to have neon signs in my home?
Yes. Generally, local laws cover commercial neon installations and neon beer signs that are visible from the street. These signs can be used as portable, indoor, lighting displays for decorative purposes.
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15. Where do you get the signs?
Dealers acquire signs from the brewery and sign industries, as well as retail businesses, private collectors and individuals. The availability of specific signs varies widely across the USA.

16. Can I get a wholesale quantity for resale?
NMT and its dealer network do not offer wholesale quantities for resale. However, a dealer will usually offer a discount if two or more signs are ordered together.

17. Is neon dangerous?
Neon tubing does NOT operate under high pressure as some people think. The operation of a neon sign is similar to cool fluorescent lighting, but operating at a higher voltage. It is only warm to the touch. If a tube breaks, the sign will just not illuminate that section of bent glass between electrodes. Newer electronic transformers have built-in safety features and are much safer that the older, vintage, heavy iron-core units. UL specifications require metal, wire, or special high-temperature plastic frames, which is why almost all of the signs utilize them. Under normal operation, neon is a safe and energy efficient form of lighting.

18. How long do neon signs last?
Neon is designed to last years under continuous operation for commercial purposes. In the home, neon lasts even longer. If a neon sign will work when first turned on, chances are it will work almost indefinitely.

19. Is a neon sign damaged if there are dark tube sections dimly lit?
When a neon sign is first turned on, it takes fifteen to thirty minutes for the sign to become fully bright. Also, neon is hand bent. This normally causes small variations in the tube diameters which affect brightness. If the problem persists, the sign may need to be "bombarded". That is, a neon shop worker temporarily attaches a higher voltage source and lights the neon sign for a few minutes to redistribute the interior tube coating, or correct any internal mercury migration. That usually solves the problem.

20. How big are the signs?
The signs vary in size, but are generally about 28 inches wide by about 20 inches high. They are almost always designed to be shipped with UPS/FedEx ground overall size limits in mind.

21. Do you ever buy signs from individuals?
Yes. NMT and its dealers are always looking for signs that our inquirers request. E-mail NMT directly. Do not use the on-line inquiry form for this purpose.

22. Do you represent any beer companies?
New Marketing Technologies, Inc. and the independent dealers on its Beer Sign Network at 'BeerSigns.Net' are not affiliated with any brewery.

23. Are you affiliated with any specific sign dealer?
No. NMT is not affiliated with any specific breweriania vendor, or sign dealer.

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